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RED CUP Coffeehouse

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Truly Great Coffee

and Food

Your downtown Boothbay Harbor gathering spot for free trade coffee, fresh baked goods, delicious food and local culture.


Cold Brewed &

Cold Brewed Nitro Coffee 

  Cold brew is made from coarse ground coffee beans that have been steeped in cold water for 12 to 24 hours, rather like you would when using an oversized tea bag, but using coffee. It’s time, rather than heat that extracts the flavor, caffeine, and sugars from the coffee beans. The steeping process is more sympathetic to the coffee bean, so you don’t end up with the bitter flavor that roasting can produce.

  Nitro is just cold brew coffee that’s infused with nitrogen gas. The coffee is stored in a beer keg and then served on draft. The idea behind using what’s essentially a beer tap to serve the coffee is that it produces a creamier, sweeter flavor. When you draw a glass of chilled nitro, you get what looks like a serving of Guinness, complete with a foamy, creamy head.

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Red Cup


Exclusively uses
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Roast magazine's
Macro Roaster of the Year 2020

We offer a variety of coffees that taste great — and you can feel good about buying. It all starts with finding the best beans. For more than 25 years, we have roamed the planet seeking top quality coffee regions with growing conditions that meet our high standards for environmental and economic sustainability. We search for and purchase only the top 1% of Arabica coffee beans that are picked and sorted by hand.


Our buying criteria set a high standard for selecting beans. The product must be:

  • 100% Coffee Arabica

  • 100% traceable to a specific farm or cooperative

Produced sustainably with regard to environmental impact, without the use of non-organic fertilizers and pesticides

  • Growers and laborers are compensated with a fair market wage



Tel. 207-350-4228

29 Commercial Street, 
Boothbay Harbor, Me. 04538









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